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Project Cost Brochure 2670 kb The Project Cost Overview Brochure gives you a look at the power, flexibility and functionality that Olympic Project Cost can deliver to your business.
What's New in Project Cost for v14.02.01 & v16.02.01

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(rev 03-16-17)
95 kb This document provides an overview of feature improvements made to Project Cost in each version release. For existing Project Cost clients this document will provide assistance in understanding the value of upgrading to our latest product release.
Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Brochure 1.34 mb This document provides an overview of the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics certification testing.  The CfMD logo indicates that our solution has met the stringent certification requirements and has passed rigorous independent testing for capability, extensibility, upgrade ease, and user assistance and documentaion.
Project Cost Multi-Currency Import Tools Brochure 524 kb This document provides an overview of the Project Cost Multi-Currency Rates Import Tools Module.  This module provides automated download of currency rates into Microsoft Dymanics GP. Rates are provided from the European Central Bank.
Project Cost Scheduled Billing Brochure 2670 kb The Project Cost Overview Brochure of our Scheduled and Recurring Billing tools.
Design Science Case Study 182 kb Developer Secures and Increases Federal Funding. Design Science, a developer of mathematical software for scientists, publishers, and educators, was about to receive a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation for developing educational software. The grant was important to the company’s ability to extend its research into new areas. However, Design Science could not satisfy stringent federal financial reporting requirements for project cost accounting, and the funding was at risk. Under deadline, Design Science integrated Microsoft® Business Solutions Small Business Financials software with Project Cost by Olympic Systems. The company passed an audit with flying colors and secured the grant.