Case Studies
Design Science Case Study Design Science, a developer of mathematical software for scientists, publishers, and educators, was about to receive a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation for developing educational software. The grant was important to the company’s ability to extend its research into new areas. However, Design Science could not satisfy stringent financial reporting requirements for federal contractors, and the funding was at risk. Under deadline, Design Science integrated Microsoft Dynamics - GP software with Project Cost by Olympic Systems. The company passed an audit with flying colors and secured the grant. More than that, it is now in a position to receive additional federal grants to conduct research. In addition, Design Science uses its integrated business management solution for more economical resource utilization and sound decision making.
ORLive Case Study 2010 ORLive used a DOS-Based accounting software called Data 2000. However, this system had limited project accounting features. This successful company would manage as many as 160 projects simultaneously – each with long timelines and complicated contracts that affected its ability to invoice for its services. Yet, all its project cost information was being tracked in spreadsheets. ORLive had a large number of people entering time that was not accurately linked to specific projects, and it also had difficulty tracking the individual costs associated with each project. All of this made it difficult to determine the contribution margin of individual projects. ORLive wanted to upgrade its system to include project costing functionality as well as integration to other Microsoft tools such as Microsoft SharePoint that were used within the organization. Learn how ORLive acheived their management goals with the use of Microsoft Dynamics - GP and Project Cost by Olympic Systems.