Project Cost Tracking
Unlimited Projects, Task, & Budgets
Up to 9 levels of Task Hierarchy
Extensive Type & Sub-Type Definitions
Projects Task Cost Categories
Extends Functionality to:
Payables Receivables Inventory
Sales Quote Sales Order Sales Invoice
Back Order US Payroll Purchase Order
SmartList General Ledger
Multi-Currency Enabled
6 Distribution Categories
Labor Sub-Contract Purchase
Material Adjustments Sales
24 User Defined Tracking Fields
SmartList Integration
Easy Ad-hoc Reporting via SmartList
Easy Installation and Setup
One-Day Installation, Setup, and Training
Auto Table Initialization
IIS Web Components Included
Sample Data Creation
Component Based Upgrade Process
Upgrade Versions in Minutes
Automatically Determines Table Version
Automatically Verifies Table Integrity
Project Maintenance Explorer Tool
Quick & Easy Project Maintenance
View and Edit in Tree View Explorer
Projects Tasks
Labor Rates Budgets
Cut/Copy/Paste Existing Projects
Create Templates for Fast Project Setup
Reconfigure Projects Anytime as Needed
Advanced Periodic Reporting Options
Report & Inquire by
Project Task Date
Employee Expense Transaction
Period Budget User Defined
Project Profit & Loss Reporting
Overhead Burden Processing & Analysis
Easy Management & Assignment of Burdens
What-If Project Modeling Tools
Auto Generate Journal Entries
Drill-Down Inquiries
FASB, NSF & DCAA Compliance
General Ledger Reconciliation Tools
Designed to Assist in Auditing General Ledger
Account Transactions to Project Cost Transactions
FASB, Sarbanes Oxley, NSF & DCAA Compliance
Purchase Order Integration
Track Purchase Commitments by Project/Task
Updated on Receiving & Invoicing
Create POs from Project Budgets
Update Groups of Requirements
Select Vendors, Items
Update Cost, Unit of Measure
All From our Create POP Management Window
Scheduled Contract Billing Tools
Designed for Milestone, Fixed Fee, or Phased Billings
Provides Visibility for Cash Flow & Unbilled Revenue
Recurring or Subscription Billing Tools
Designed for Periodic, Cycle or Subscription Billings
Select from 9 Billing Cycles
Automatically Creates Invoices & Next Cycle
US Payroll Integration
Seamless Transactions Flow
Time Entry to Payroll
Revenue/Billing Methodologies
Time & Materials % of Completion
Completed Contract Fixed Fee
Milestone Billing Cost Plus
Budget & Estimating Tools
Quick & Easy Budget Maintenance
View and Edit Budgets in Tree View Explorer
Copy & Paste Budgets Between Projects
Detailed Cost Category & Sub-Cost Category
Detailed Listing of Materials & Purchases
Budget Assembly Tools
Assembly tools provide the power & versatility
of Bill of Materials designed for Project Cost
Project Cost Import Tools
Import from Excel or Comma/Tab Delimited File
Great for Project Allocations or Payroll Imports
Time & Expense Entry
Browser Based Microsoft.Net 4.5 Web Application
Week View Grid Time Entry
Secure Web Access for
Employees Sub-Contractors
Restrict User Access by Project & Task
Record Entries for Time & Expenses
Reimbursement via Payables or Payroll
Invoicing via Sales Order Processing
Manager Oversight & Control Approvals
Quickly Review/Edit & Approve:
Payroll Expense Billings
Scheduled Billings Recurring Billings